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Advantages of getting an Addition

It adds space to your house.

Unlike simply remodeling your house or trying to find means to utilize some rooms in your house, a room addition practically adds more space to your house. It helps avoid overcrowding and inefficient arrangement of household furniture and items.

It adds value to your house.

Because something new is added to your house, it follows an increase in your home value. If you’re planning to sell your house, the selling price would be considerably higher than your original place. It does not, however, guarantee you from recovering the costs in adding your room.

Design the room yourself.

The good thing about room addition is that you can design the room yourself according to your specifications, with the help of your home designer or architect. The room addition will be able to meet the needs and desires you specify. This is especially rewarding when the house you live in is already built when you bought it.


Hire Simkins Builders for your addition.

If you are looking for a home addition contractor that can make the process of adding a home addition easier, more convenient, and more enjoyable, then Simkins Builders is the contractor for you. Unlike traditional home addition contractors, our “design build” process provides you with an architect-led team of talented designers – expert in designing smart, sensible and innovative home additions – as well as a professional construction team that is second to none. No need to shop for an architect and a separate home addition contractor and then cross your fingers that they can work together and stay on budget.

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